We see a church always open to those in need of restoration.

We see men, women, boys and girls coming from every neighborhood, every ethnic, social, educational and spiritual background, to find the truth in Christ.

We see the physically and spiritually blind, those who are physically crippled, and those who are emotionally broken and offended all gathering in worship, some singing, some standing, some weeping as God pours out His powerful Presence.

We see them healed and mended with new hope, new purpose and passion, now whole and productive in the Body of Christ.

We see over five hundred people at each of three services: Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning, each walking testimonies of restoration.

We see a growing number of musicians and singers being mentored to minister restoration through praise and worship.

We see people ministering to one another spontaneously as the Holy Spirit moves among them.

We see small groups restoring, mentoring, and maturing people from every stage of spiritual development into mature, healthy leaders in a safe environment of love.

We see men, women, boys and girls praying and reaching out to masses wounded by past church experiences.

We see specialized ministry teams who restore the deeply broken and disturbed with the power, love, and truth of the gospel.

We see a ministry of restoration and healing for hurt, burned out, and broken ministers.

We hear the cry for restoration in every word sung and taught by various ministries as a message of hope to our community and a lighthouse to our city.

Calvary Worship Center
Sundays at 10am

3266 Southside Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32216

904-928-1068 fax