What Is Prophetic Art?

At Calvary Worship Center, we seek to worship God with every gift He has given us. For those gifted in visual art, we see an opportunity to worship Him in a way that will reveal more of Himself to others.

As we dive into the ministry of prophetic art, our goal is to "see into the heavenlies" and what God is doing at that time, in that service, for those people who are present. We aren't looking for a finished piece of art to hang in a gallery, but for a picture of what God wants to reveal to us. It is much like the gift of prophecy. Sometimes He gives our artists an image for an individual and sometimes for our entire congregation.


How Our Artist Work

Almost all of the images you see in our online gallery were created during our Sunday morning worship service, usually in about 30 minutes time and usually during worship. (Our artists work in a safe, designated area in the balcony of the sanctuary.) Some artists begin before service or continue during the Word portion, but the idea is to capture the image God reveals to them that morning in a way that can be presented to the congregation or an individual.

Our artists may work in graphite, colored pencil, pen and ink, pastels, or may even be brave enough to paint in acrylics or water color on any given Sunday morning. They may choose to create on canvas or paper of various sizes. This way everyone who participates on our team creates in a way that is most comfortable for them or most appropriate for the God-given image they have seen.


Prophetic Art Gallery

The images you see here in our online Prophetic Art gallery are the same ones on the gallery wall at CWC in the main sanctuary. If one of them encourages or ministers to you, please let us know! If we still have the original, you may be able to take it home with you. If not, we may have a higher resolution print than these images available.

Thank you for taking the time to view the pieces from our Prophetic Art Team!

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